The goal of MobileInsight is to provide an easy-to-use and extensible environment for mobile network monitoring and analysis on end devices. It should be aligned with the needs of networking research and industrial usage. It is applicable to various usage scenarios, such as realtime network status monitoring, online and offline analysis, network diagnosis.


We have two main tables: tFile and tMsg. They are stored in HDFS and we can reach them through Spark Thrift Server.

In tFile, the attributes are filename, phone, carrier and timestamp.

tFile Schema: CREATE TABLE tfile (Filepath string, Phone string, Carrier string, Timestamp string)

In tMsg, the attributes are filename, timestamp, msgtype, msghash and rawmsg.

tMsg Schema: CREATE TABLE tmsg (Filepath string, Timestamp string, MsgType string, MsgHash string, MsgPath string, LineNo string)

In Query blank, you can run mysql instructions to obtain the data you want.

Like query, SELECT * FROM tfile: